Faith Uguna – 32 Years Old: Abavo, Agbor, Delta State

Well, I was 5 years old when it all happened and that’s about twenty-seven years ago.

But it was when I was seven that my mother now told me about what happened. She explained that on the faithful day, I was sleeping and in the middle of the night they heard me shouting. They came to me and calmed me and at dawn I discovered I couldn’t move my body.

At that point they took me to a native doctor’s place. I was able to regain function in my two hands but I could not still use my legs. After several years of going to different native homes nothing changed.

It’s being challenging and life generally has been tough. I was unable to attend school as well.

So, when I heard that OIF Nigeria is going to be giving out wheelchairs I made sure I attended the outreach.  As over the years I have been unable to afford to buy a wheelchairs.

I came here today and thankfully I have a brand new wheelchair courtesy of OIF Nigeria. This is a life changing experience for me and I can’t thank the foundation and her supporters enough.

This gift of hope would make life better for me.


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