Isiekwele Daniel – 46 Years Old: Abavo, Agbor, Delta State

I really don’t know exactly what happened. On a particular day my mum left me at home for the farm. I was two years old at the time.

Upon her return she called out to me to come take in the fresh snails she come home with. That was when it was discovered I couldn’t move. She asked my father who she left me with what happened, he said nothing that he too don’t understand what was happening.

Then my parents start taking me from one herbal medicine home to another but nothing changed. I could not sit and walk until they took me to one herbal medicine woman before I was able to sit.

Life has been up and down ever since, I made an effort to get my primary school leaving certificate and learned shoe making afterwards.

In 2021 my old wheelchair packed up and the meagre income from my shoe making can’t allow for a replacement. I earnestly wished for one.

Today, after getting word about the free wheelchairs distribution by OIF Nigeria, I presented myself and thankfully I have a new wheelchair.

I’m so happy for the wheelchair may God bless everyone who made this possible. The work and families would continue to prosper.

This would go a long way to make life easier for me now. Thank you.


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