Juliana Egwuogu – 76 Years Old: Ihiala LGA, Anambra State

About 10 years ago she started having bone issues and as result she began having walking problems.

This escalated down the years and she presently can’t walk but crawls within the house as her knees have lost all strength.

This has been very challenging both financially and psychologically on the family. The fund isn’t just there to get her a wheelchair. So, when it was announced in the church that OIF Nigeria is giving wheelchairs out to people. I decided to bring my mother and thankfully after her assessment, she was given a wheelchair.

I am very happy for this gesture and very grateful to the foundation and those supporting them. I can only pray that God would continue to sustain the donors. Thank you for putting a smile on my mother’s face.

Indeed we are very happy because when I told her about the outreach, she initially asked me not to bother that she doesn’t what me to spend any more money. But when I told her that the foundation was giving the wheelchairs for free, she became elated and right now I am so sure she is very pleased and relieved.


Mrs Pat Okafor – Daughter


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