My Lagos and Agbor experience for the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Wheelchair, Crutches and Walking Sticks Distribution outreach

My name is Faith Abu and I am an Occupational Therapist, as an Occupational Therapist my job requires me to help individuals participate in life activities (occupations) and provide recommendations for: Activities of daily living (such as bathing, dressing, and eating) Adaptive equipment (such as chairs, or equipment to make daily tasks easier)for functional independence and to also help reduce stress for Caregiver and family.


Making myself fully available for this program was a great decision, although it was a bit tasking but every part of it was worth it, because knowing I was going to put smile on people faces gave me the courage.

For the number of days used in Lagos and Delta State during this program ,different patient with different severity of conditions were attended to ,hearing the stories of the affect individuals were touching and to crown it ,the excitement and happiness they all left with after achieving their aim was awesome, some couldn’t contain their Joy because they have been praying for such miracle to come and indeed God granted their desires ,I was glad that my profession played a huge role in the program, I was able to communicate ,interact ,advice and encourage as many I came across in the best way they could understand, this program servers as an eye opener for me .Each passing day was an awesome experience.

The love ,unity, teamwork shared among we team members was something that was divine from God, because it made the work easier, stress free, fast, and achievable

Also thanks to OlFN for making everyday enjoyable in-terms of accommodation, hospitality, Comfortability socialization, connectivity etc. I pray that God will replenish and increases you in multiple folds and give you the grace to continue with this good work(Amen).

I will do this with OIFN over and over again.

I want to appreciate God Almighty for the success of the program, for making everything possible and easy for us, for security, protection, journey mercies, provision and in every other ways He saw us through. Thank You Lord.

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