Ruth Joseph -22 Years Old: Agbor, Delta State

I wasn’t born a cripple this came about due to an unfortunate play gone south when I was 7 years old. This happened around December of 2009.

On the day I took something off my brother and dashed across the road. As I made the return attempt to re-cross the road I was knocked down by a vehicle.

After which I was rushed to the hospital and I was treated by the junior doctors on duty, as the senior doctors had gone on Christmas holiday. When the senior doctors returned it was discovered that I was being wrongly treated.

They called for a new treatment plan for me. That’s when they discovered I had a spinal cord injury and as such I won’t be able to walk again. It took over 3 months before I could even talk, after about a year I was discharged from the hospital.

Life took a turn and became unpleasant, I could not go to school because of attending issues such as involuntary peeing and bowel movement.

Today, I am grateful to OIF Nigeria and the founder for this great gift. I don’t have words enough to say thank to the foundation. God bless you all.

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