Victor Okonta – 62 Years Old: Ika-South, Agbor, Delta State

To start off I wasn’t born with any form of deformity or disability.

It all started when I returned home from my station in Calabar to check on my father’s health in 2018.

On this particular early evening I started feeling a stingy sensation around my neck and gradually it spread to other parts of my body. By the morning my neck region was swollen and I couldn’t move my body. After a while both of my legs too got swollen, so I visited the Federal Medical Centre, Asana and was put on medication.

The medication didn’t do much to better my condition, so an x-ray was done then it was discovered that knee joints presented a gap between the knee bones. Hence the doctors recommended that I do a surgery to correct the anomaly.

Well, I couldn’t do the surgery because at the time due to non availability of the required fee reason why till date I cannot move around without support or assistance.

I have never had a wheelchair before and that is the reason why I shed years when I was presented with a new wheelchair. My tears were tears of joy, I thank you people for this. This would greatly help my mobility and give the freedom to be more independent.

Now, I can easily take myself to the church and back to the house. You have taken loneliness out of the equation, I will now be able to socialise and mingle with people.

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