OIF Network Celebrates World Wishbone Day

The global community of Osteogenesis Impafecta on 6th May celebrated the annual Wishbone Day with the theme ‘Together For OI’.

In commemorating the day set aside to create awareness, enlightenment and generate support for people with brittle bone, OIF Network organised an awareness walk across her member countries including Nigeria.

According to Tarela Aghanti the president of OIF Network, the Wishbone Day is to celebrate people living with Osteogenesis Impafecta around the world.


“On the 6th of May, well celebrate people with OI across the globe, it is a day we all wear yellow to raise awareness of a rare condition known as brittle Bone condition (OI)”.

Tarela says available data reveals that more cases of brittle bone are being recorded in Nigeria. Hence the need to ensure that awareness and sensitisation is done to educate people about Osteogenesis Impafecta.

“Children in Nigeria are also affected and we are seeing more cases reported. However, we want to let people know that you have nothing to fear, you are not alone and we are here to hold your hand as you walk through your journey with OI”.


The Nigeria chapter of the OIF Network carried out an awareness walk, providing flyers and leaflets containing information about brittle bone and how people can reachout to the foundation when the need arises.

Other countries such as Ghana, Kenya also took part in the Wishbone Day activities.

The Osteogenesis Impafecta Network appeal to members of the public to take action and report any case of OI within their communities, via the contacts provided on the flyers distributed during the awareness walk in different localities.

OIF Nigeria and OIF Network can be reached via their websites, www.oifnigeria.org and www.oifnetwork.org respectively.

The foundation recently carried out her annual Wheelchair/Walking Aids Outreach across two states(Lagos and Delta) in Nigeria. Providing over 300 wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks etc to people with brittle bone and other form of disabilities.

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